This is a common documentation page

Team Zetozone has developed a few applications useful for many. These are opensource and are free for non-commercial use.  Some are fully finished, functional versions ready for end users(Eg. LibreMan, Easy Hotspot).  Some are meant for the use of developers want to develop applications using the partially developed frameworks by us(Eg. Autocon, Eduman).  Some are nearing completion (Eg. MicroMan)

In addition BUSY and its variants are the property of Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi and you need to purchase a commercial license for using it on a commercial scale.  The provided BUSY software is a Windows based desktop application fully functional for 30 days. We supply and support BUSY licensed versions.

The products mentioned here (except BUSY) are PHP based and uses MySql as the database system. For more details about each  product, their installation, pre-requisites, other settings etc, please consult the specific documentation available for each.

No hidden costs, Fully functional versions, Free for non-commercial use.

Have fun!

Team Zetozone