LibreMan LMS – Library Management System is a simple and feature rich Library Management Software for book libraries

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Features and Options

  •      Easy To Use

    • Require No Prior knowledge to Operate. Simple and Easy to Use Interface
    • Login to the LMS through the LIBRARY Menu Option and Start exploring the Features.
    • Create Users, Books and Members. Then Start Issuing Books to Members and accept them on Return <- Transactions Menu .
    • Create and Modify Member Types, Classes, Book Types, Book categories, Authors, Languages, Suppliers, Publishers, Book Shelves, Racks etc Using the Settings Menu
  •      Features

    • A variety of Reporting Options are available. Many Reports and Printouts related to Members and Books are Available.
    • Books Added, Issued, Received, Pending return, Overdue, Lost, Damaged, Archived, Subject for Replacement etc are available for Any Date Range are examples.
    • An ADVANCED SEARCH Option Generates a wide variety of useful Reports, which alone satisfies the needs of all. Transaction Ledgers of Books and Members are exceptional. SORTABLE Columns gives another set of Combinations, Eg. Books Popularity-wise Reports
    • Barcode Printing of Book Code Labels for sticking on Books
    • An optional E-Books Section for Online Members – Can Download favourite books from our Collection
    • 5 Powerful User Levels; Administrator, Chief, Librarian, Assistant, Issuing Staff etc. No Limit on the Number of Users in each level
    • No Limit on the Number of Books, Subscriber Members or Transactions.
    • Management of Images and Thumbnails of Users, Books and Members.
    • Options Like Normal Due Days, Maximum Books/Issue, History Days, …………..


The LibreMan LMS is a simple and feature rich Library Management Software for book libraries of small to medium size.


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